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Black Textured PU Leather+TPU Phone Cover Shockproof Back Case from ABEEL for the iPhone 14
All-around protection is provided by the use of textured PU leather and TPU materials. 

Better protection for the phone camera is provided by the raised lip at the back that is higher than the camera.

Your phone should be shielded against jolts, crashes, scratches, and other harm.

precise hole placement, ideal fit, and trouble-free operation 

The sturdy phone case has a pretty attractive design and is quite simple to install and remove.

suitable with:

14th iPhone

Package contains:

a phone case, one

Other things not covered



Dark black

Leather made of PU and TPU

0.045 kg in gross weight

Weight in Volume 0.037 kg

16.000 cm in length

packaging width of 8.800 cm

Package Size 1.300 cm

Packaging for goods: Simple PP Bag

ABEEL Leather+TPU Shockproof Back Case - Black for iPhone 14

SKU: 660151894A
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