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For iPhone 14 Pro Max PC+TPU Phone Case Drop Protection Kickstand Cover with Slide Camera Protection - Black High-End TPU and PC Hybrid Case with Anti-Scratch Function

The movable lens shield has a CD pattern for greater camera lens protection. 

360° rotating ring kickstand with holder for one-handed use and hand-free viewing

Metal sheet with built-in magnets that can be used with a car mount holder (mount holder not included)

Military-grade impact and shock absorption, as well as drop resistance

suitable with:

Max iPhone 14 Pro

Package contains:

a phone case, one

Other things not covered


Company N/A

Built-in magnetic holder, a kickstand, and a case feature

Dark black

Metal, plastic, and TPU

Detail CD Veins

0.070 kg in gross weight

Weight Volume

PC+TPU Kickstand Case - Black for iPhone 14 Pro Max

SKU: 660151935A
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