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iPhone 14 Pro Max Slim TPU Phone Shell with Electroplating Lens Cover in Shockproof Case, Black
Combining a soft TPU case with an electroplated lens cover, anti-wear, and scratch resistance 

Protecting the camera lens and screen with raised lips

precise apertures for the ports used for charging, speakers, and microphones

Ultra-slim construction for ease of use and affordability

Defend your phone from harm and daily shock. 

suitable with:

Max iPhone 14 Pro

Package contains:

a phone case, one

Other things not covered


Company N/A

ShadeStyle A

TPU material

Workmanship on the Surface Electroplating

0.030 kg in gross weight

Weight in Volume 0.027 kg

Length of Package 16.500cm

Box width 8.100 cm

package height of one meter

Packaging for goods: Simple PP Bag

Shockproof Case - Black for iPhone 14 Pro Max

SKU: 660152276A
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