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Introducing the KM-029 2.4G Wireless Controllers Set in Blue - Experience Seamless Compatibility

Discover the KM-029 2.4G Wireless Controllers Set, a versatile gaming solution compatible with PC, Linux, Android Smart TV, and Windows operating systems (98/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7, 8, 10, 11).

Setup is effortless:

1. Plug in the 2.4G receiver and insert 2 AAA batteries into the controller (batteries not included).
2. Press and hold the home button for 2 seconds.
3. Automatic connection between the controller and receiver will be established, indicated by LED signal brightness.

Connection Steps:

1. Connect the receiver to your PC, prompting rapid LED flashing.
2. Upon successful connection of the first controller, LED blinking slows.
3. Once LEDs transition to steady, the second controller is successfully linked.


- Product Dimensions: 160 x 105 x 65mm
- Weight: Pair of Controllers - 278g
- Note: 
  - Built-in energy-saving system halts signal on low voltage (LEDs flash).
  - Supports analog and digital modes.
  - Powered by 4 x AAA batteries (not included).

Package Includes:

- 1 x USB Receiver
- 2 x Controllers
- 1 x English and Chinese Manual (Other items not included)

Package Specifications:

- Brand: N/A
- Color: Blue
- User Manual Language: English and Chinese
- Gross Weight: 0.280kg
- Volume Weight: 0.673kg
- Package Dimensions: 22.000cm (Length) x 18.000cm (Width) x 8.500cm (Height)
- Product Packaging: Colored Box

Elevate your gaming experience with the KM-029 2.4G Wireless Controllers Set, offering effortless setup, compatibility, and user-friendly features in an attractive blue design.

KM-029 2.4G Wireless Controllers 1 to 2 USB Receiver with 2 Gamepad

SKU: 681600311A
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