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Introducing the KM048 Bluetooth Wireless Controller for PS4 - Cordless Gaming Handle 4.0 with Light Bar, 6-Axis Support, and Vibration Function in a Striking Blue Hue.

Experience enhanced gaming with the KM048 Bluetooth Wireless Controller crafted for the PS4. This cutting-edge cordless game handle, featuring version 4.0 technology, comes in a vibrant blue color and offers an array of advanced features.

Key Features:

1. Streamlined Controls: Added SHARE and OPTIONS keys for swift gameplay sharing and seamless interaction. The OPTIONS key replaces the original START and SELECT keys.

2. Innovative Touch Panel: Discover a 2-point touch-enabled panel on the front top of the joystick, utilizing electrostatic capacitive technology.

3. Immersive Sound: Immerse yourself in games with the integrated speaker function.

4. Precise Motion Control: Enjoy the support of 6-axis functionality and feel the in-game actions with vibration feedback.

5. Bluetooth Connectivity: Utilize wireless technology based on the Bluetooth 2.1+EDR standard for effortless pairing.

6. Extended Playtime: Equipped with a built-in 600mAh Li-ion battery, accompanied by a 1m USB cable for convenient charging.


- Controller Dimensions: Length - 162mm, Height - 52mm, Width - 98mm
- Package Includes: 1 x Controller, 1 x Charging Cable, 1 x English and Chinese Manual (Other items not included)

Package Specifications:

- Brand: N/A
- Color: Blue
- User Manual Language: English and Chinese
- Gross Weight: 0.300kg
- Volume Weight: 0.432kg
- Package Dimensions: 20.000cm (Length) x 15.000cm (Width) x 7.200cm (Height)
- Product Packaging: Colored Box

Elevate your gaming experience with the KM048 Bluetooth Wireless Controller, featuring a unique touch panel, immersive sound, and precision controls, all encased in an eye-catching blue design.

Cordless Game Handle 4.0 for PS4 in Blue for KM048 Bluetooth Wireless Controller

SKU: 681600312A
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