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Hard Metal Cell Phone Shell, Phone Frame Protective Cover, Hard Bumper Case For iPhone 14 Pro Max
The bumper case for your phone is made of premium metal and fits it flawlessly.

There is no rear panel, preventing the phone from overheating and revealing the original design.

All controls and features are easily accessible, and the speaker, camera, and other ports have the ideal cutouts.

To fit your phone, you can easily adjust the rotary nut on the sides.

Gives the feeling of a naked phone hand with all edges wrapped.

suitable with:

Max iPhone 14 Pro

Package contains:

Bumper Case: 1

Other things not covered


Metal is used.

0.040 kg in gross weight

Weight in Volume 0.026 kg

16.000 cm in length

8.0 cm in package width

package height of one meter

Packaging for goods: Simple PP Bag

Metal Bumper, Protective Cover for iPhone 14 Pro Max

SKU: 660151663A
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